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Pests have plagued mankind since the beginning of time. There are several reasons why you should get rid of such annoyances, whether it’s the transmission of disease or the weakening of your home’s structure. Rocky Mountain Exterior Solutions is Nampa ID’s top pest control service and we’re here to help! Our certified and insured professionals can assist you in eliminating any pest-related problem in your house, with years of expertise in the pest management industry. Rodents, termites, and other vermin may have a detrimental influence on your quality of life as well as your home. Call us now to take care of all your pest control needs!

Benefits Of Our Nampa Pest Control Services

Because of the expense, you may be hesitant to call in a professional exterminator. However, the initial expenditure is well worth the money savings in the long run. If pest issues aren’t dealt with promptly, they can quickly cost hundreds of dollars in repairs. Termite infestations, carpenter ants, and other typical pests may do significant damage to your property. If you’re unable to find them, you may believe the issue has been resolved – but a professional will be able to tell if the bugs have truly been destroyed. The expense of employing a Professional is far less than the long-term damage that pests can do to your property.

You’ve got enough on your plate with work, hobbies, and other activities and pest control can be a time-consuming task. Our professionals will give you back your time so that you can focus on the things that are most important to you. Our expert pest control team understands that you have other responsibilities and we offer services that work to always fit your schedule. If you’re looking for a pest control service, there are lots of options available to you, but we are far above the rest. Whether it’s an inspection, a quote, or you’ve decided that the time has come to book a service as quickly as possible, our team will take care of all your needs.

If your house has a pest infestation, it is harmful to your health. Many pests can not only harm you, but they also carry diseases that can endanger your health. Cockroaches spread germs and bacteria such as salmonella wherever they go, which is why they’re so dangerous. Spiders bite, bed bugs suck your blood and cause you to itch, and ants drive you insane. Our professional pest control experts ensure that your home is free of these as well as other pests that might be harmful to your health.

Dangers Of Improper Pest Control In Nampa ID

There are various products or pesticides for each pest, and the approach that works against one pest might not work against another. You must be sure you’re using the proper one when it comes to pest control solutions. Traps, baits, and certain pesticides on store shelves may appear to be simple to use. However, if you don’t know what to utilize or how to apply it, the product will fail. Call the professionals if you are dealing with invasive insects like spiders or termites. Rocky Mountain Exterior Solutions has all the appropriate techniques to rid pests completely, and our specialists are exceptionally skilled at it. We take great pleasure in providing our customers with the best pest control services available. Our team has the necessary training and safety measures in place to deal with pests safely. We provide low-cost solutions for you all year round!

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Gabrielle Cole

Pest Control In Nampa

I am very impressed by this company’s communication and professionalism. We are using RMES for our pest control and for putting up our Christmas lights. Everyone we have come into contact with at RMES has been friendly and communicative. You can’t go wrong using this company and we highly recommend them.

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Heidee Ross

Pest Control Nampa ID

I own a company that gives care for adults with disabilities in their own homes and have worked with Rocky Mountain exterior solutions on several different pest control jobs dealing with bed bugs. Shawn is always extremely helpful and quick to respond to our questions and concerns. One of our clients discovered he had bed bugs and Shawn was over there the next day heating the house. We haven’t seen a bed bug since!

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Stephanie Cain

Pest Control Nampa

These guys are awesome! They cleaned the outside of my house, removed rust stains from my concrete, cleaned out my trash cans. It looks like a new house!! I was so pleased that I hired them for Quarterly pest control.

Frequently Asked
Pest Control Questions

It is dependent on the situation. Some pests take longer to control than others, and certain homes are larger and more complex to maintain than others. Depending on the severity and type of treatment required, some treatments may only take 30 minutes while others might need up to 8 hours.

The safety of our customers is our top concern at Rocky Mountain Exterior Solutions, as well as being good environmental stewards. We take the time to tailor a unique pest control strategy and utilize strategic targeting, which allows us to use the fewest amount of pesticides while still obtaining great outcomes. All our service professionals have received training on how to safely handle and apply all products.

We can complete your service whether you are at home or away since we only need to access the outside of your property!

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